Meet Chris Willburn

In 2010 I tipped the scales at 300 pounds.

I was depressed, anxious, struggling with insomnia, on a ton of different prescription medications, and DEEPLY unhappy.

I had gained a bunch of weight slowly after a downward spiral when my dad died several years earlier. I also had developed some really unhealthy habits to cope with my grief and sadness.

All I wanted in the world was to lose that weight and get back to "myself" because I knew it would make me happy.

So over the course of about a year I lost weight - almost 100 pounds. (I would eventually lose the whole 100 plus).

Except I wasn't happy.

Intrinsically, I knew I wasn't going to find happiness in something external like weight loss, even though that was part of the puzzle.

So I went on a journey to learn how to be happy. I learned how to control stress, to stop being so negative and stop beating myself up all the time.

I learned the benefits of positivity and simple steps to start using it.

I learned happiness was a choice
and I chose it every day.

During that journey I decided I wanted to help others lose weight too.

So by early 2014 I had obtained the necessary requirements/certifications to start working with clients.

I quickly realized my clients were all struggling with the same things I struggled with when I was super overweight and unhappy.

The things they don't teach in the classes, courses, and certifications.

So along with my simple, no nonsense approach to nutrition, I eventually created a system of mental, emotional, and physical health that incorporated everything I've learned in over a decade of work.

What became my true passion was helping people change their relationship with themselves - to put themselves first and to practice self love every day.

That is what I've found produces not only weight loss, but radical transformation - so much more than just weight loss. I believe it's the answer to weight loss...forever.

Chris Willburn's own before and after results

And that's my origin story.

You can find out a little more about me personally in the video on this page.